Choosing the right office furniture for your fit out is a fundamental part of the process when you’re designing an office. We all know what it’s like sitting in an uncomfortable chair, hunched over a desk that’s too high or low day in day out, so selecting pieces which not only fit the design aesthetic but enhance employee health and wellbeing is essential.

It’s why the team Creative Office Interiors believe that office furniture should play an integral part in the entire commercial fit out process. With many years of expertise, we’re not only able to source a huge range of high-quality products, we can also advise on the best office layout to maximise workflow and ensure longevity.

Furniture, above all else, should be comfortable. Staff will have set requirements such as workstations (fixed, mobile, hot desking), collaboration rooms and breakout areas.  But it’s also a chance to let your company culture shine through and should equally reflect the kind of working environment you wish to create.

For example, comfortable sofas, bean bags or even hammocks can indicate it’s okay for staff to move away from their desks and take time out. It can also promote collaboration and a more modern working style. Similarly, a solicitor’s practice may require a more formal, but no less comfortable, set up to reflect its business practice.

Whatever the requirements, we can help landlords, company owners and commercial letting agents with:

Office furniture choices

Boardroomlayout and design

Training rooms

Dealing rooms

Post rooms

Post rooms

Service areas and receptions

Canteens and dining spaces

Archival storage

Whether you’re looking for a complete renovation of a new space or just need help with furnishing your office fit out,  book a discovery call with Creative Office Interiors today to find out what options are available

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