An office is more than just a physical space – it is a reflection of a company’s culture and values. Our team uses 3D office design software to craft office spaces which not only encapsulate those values and business needs, but which also promote modern functionality and enhance productivity.

Using a combination of 2D drawings and 3D office design renderings our designers specialise in creating commercial office fit out proposals which meet our clients’ briefs and help them visualise the concept more effectively.

Quick Iteration

The versatility 3D computer design offers enables our designers to moderate and re-imagine designs as required. Adjustments, if needed, can be made rapidly, reducing client costs and allowing fit outs to proceed on time and in budget. In addition, clients can see a three-dimensional visualisation of any proposed changes reducing the time taken to sign off on new plans.

Efficient Budget and Time Management

3D designs help in estimating the costs of office fit out services accurately, and providing clients with a comprehensive budget breakdown. It gives our clients a much better understanding of the costs involved and ensures there are no costly overruns.

Effective Communication

Our 3D services not only aid office renovation and design, they optimise the fit out process too. Clear renderings facilitate communication between architects, designers, contractors and clients so everyone is on the same page. Complex design ideas can be conveyed more quickly and easily to clients while contractors understand exactly what is required of them.

Effective communication at a granular level can streamline the entire process from start to finish and avoid costly changes and construction delays.